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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Useful RAD keyboard shortcuts

I used Rational Application Developer (RAD 7.0) to test the below keyboard shortcuts. All of the shortcuts are for the Java/J2EE perspectives:


Ctrl+M -> Maximize/Minimize the current editor

Ctrl+W -> Close the current editor

Ctrl+E -> Show all editor

Ctrl+D -> Delete line from cursor position

Ctrl+T -> Open the Type, if on method or class then shows the available subtypes

Cntrl+O -> Open the members

Ctrl+Shift+F6 -> Show available Editors

Ctrl+Shift+F7 -> Show available views (need to check)

Ctrl+Shift+F8 -> Show available perspectives (need to check)

Alt+ Arrow keys -> move forward/backword to the last change position

F12 -> Activate the editor

F3 -> Open the declaration

Cntrl+Shift+M -> Add import statement for the Class used in the code (shows error as underline red
                            for the class used but not imported the class i.e. import statement isn't written
Cntrl+Shift+O -> Organize the import statements i.e. if you've removed some classes from your
                            code but the important statement wasn't deleted this command will clean up those
                            unused  import statements

Cntrl + F4 -> to close the currently active tab on the Editor


Cntrl+Shift+R -> Search for Resources

Cntrl+Shift+T -> Search for Types

Cntrl+K -> Go to the next search result

Cntrl+Alt+H -> Show the call hierarchy of a method (highlight on the method you want to see the call trace)

Cntrl+Shift+H -> To search for Java Classes (Type)

Code structure change

Alt+Shift+R -> Rename (refactor) of class/member

Note: To change the keyboard shortcut mapping, go to Windows -> Preferences -> Workbench -> Keys


narain said...

Thanks they are useful

Mohammad Masud said...

You're welcome