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Friday, June 8, 2012

Follow-up on Project Confidence Level

I had done some modifications on the perspective of the PCL (to see the detail click on PCL) and included the business factors into it. So far it had only considered the technical factors but I came to a realization that to business or the end users it doesn't make any sense of reaching to the highest level of the PCL and not satisfying the business need. I've outlined the end users perspectives into a form of survey questionnaire that would be send out to the end user (i.e. the customer of the software) at the end of the release and then the answers would be taken into consideration to compute the PCL.

I have yet to finalize the weight of the end users feedback into the PCL computation but it can be 50% of the PCL factors.

Example of end user survey questions could be like -

Q- Does the software simplifies your job?
A - 1. Drastically 2. Somewhat 3. Same as before 4. Made worse 5. Made Extremely Difficult

Note: I've presented this idea to my mentor sometime in 2011 (named it as Software Confidence Index) and he had appreciated the idea and encouraged me to continue pursuing it at my work