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Friday, February 29, 2008

WebSphere Application Server

Websphere Application Server 5.1: Test Environment Setup

1. In Configure tab
  • Enable administration console
2. In Environment tab
  • Open Java VM Settings section add any system properties you want in your application like logger class or environment information (dev, sys or prod etc.)
3. In Variables tab
  • Open Node Settings
    • set the ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH to jdbc driver jar location
4. In Security tab
  • Open JAAS Authentication
    • Add an alias: user-auth;
      • Username : <db-user>
      • Password : <password>
5. In DataSource tab
  • Open Server Settings section
    • In JDBC Provider List set
      • Oracle JDBC provider: Oracle Thin Driver;
      • Implementation Class: OracleConnecctionPoolDataSource
  • Define DataSource after choosing the just created Provider
    • Class path = {ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH}/<jdbc-driver>.jar
    • Data source
      • 1st Screen
        • Oracle Thin Driver
      • 2nd Screen
        • Name: jdbc/MyDataSource
        • JNDI Name: jdbc/MyDataSource
        • Component Managed Auth Alias: user-auth
        • Container managed auth alias: user-auth
      • 3rd Screen
        • Port number: <oracle-port> note: default port is 1521
        • URL:jdbc:oracle:thin:@<db-host-name>:<port>:<schema-name>
6. Completed

Useful commands:

Check out the version of installed WAS in Solaris:

$[WAS Installed location]/bin/versionInfo.sh

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